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Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Hi Brow Babes
Since now is the time to scope out the holiday offerings I am continuing on with that. I ordered the cinnamon bear set from the Too Faced website for $39.

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Holiday Shopping is upon us!!
Hi Brow Babes!!! It's Monday!! Time for a mythbuster, today we are discussing whether the holiday 2020 palettes offered thus far are worth the buy. I have missed you guys!

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Hi Brow Babes!!! On Todays Make up Mythbuster Monday we are talking about the biggest make up myth I have ever heard. It still floats around daily and it is damaging. We are going to talk about that today, because it is important. What is it you ask? Watch and see. In honor of World mental health awareness day we are going to cover some of that too. If you or someone you know is at risk please please please reach out to someone, the world is a crazy place especially right now and we all need to support each other and lift each other up.

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Hi Brow Babes!!! For today's Mythbuster Monday we are talking about age v. shimmer. How old is too old for shimmery goodness? There are a lot of myths out there regarding entering the different seasons of your life and discontinuing the use of certain products and I am here to tell you that is BS for the most part.

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Lips

Hey Brow Babes!!! It's Monday! So it's time for another mythbuster. Today we are focusing on LIPS!! There are a lot of myths and terrible tricks floating around and we are going to give you some new ones!

Mythbuster Monday Face and Eye

Hi Brow Babes!! We are back for another Make up Mythbuster Monday!! Today we are focusing on primers, for both the face and the eyes! Are they necessary? Should you only use one? Are they one size fits all? LET'S FIND OUT!!!

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Eyeshadow

Hi Brow Babes!!! On this edition of Makeup Mythbuster Monday (Tuesday 🤦) we tackle the age old myth of eye colors requiring certain eyeshadow colors to look good. Is it true? Is it not?? Let's talk about it!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Did you drink enough water? Probably not, go do that! Thank you for spending time with me, I appreciate the stuffing out of you!!

Make up Mythbuster Monday Mascara Myths

Hi Brow Babes!! Welcome back for another fun filled edition of Makeup Mythbuster Mondays!! This week we tackle some mascara myths, with bonus tips and tricks!!!

Make-up Mythbuster Monday!!! Concealer v. Foundation

Hi Brow Babes!!! We are starting a new thing today! Make-up Mythbuster Mondays. Today we are starting out with concealer v. foundation

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