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11 Years of Naked Palettes

Come on a journey with me..... to celebrate Urban Decay's 10th full size traditional naked palette, I decided to do a History of the Naked Palette, featuring EVERY naked palette ever made.

We take a walk through the time line and what was released, we also are going to talk about the Naked palettes no longer with us :( and the ones still poppin'! (bonus, which shades are available as singles from those palettes that are no longer here) I just thought this would be fun. Its definitely a long one but was really fun to do, Ya girl did heavy research lol. (shorter videos coming soon, I promise) anyhoo.... enjoy!!!

As always, don't cut your own bangs and leave the tweezers alone!!!

All my love,

Products Mentioned

  • Naked
  • Naked 2
  • Naked 3
  • Naked Basics
  • Naked Smoky
  • Naked On The Run
  • Naked Ultimate Basics
  • Naked Heat
  • Naked Petite Heat
  • Naked Cherry
  • Naked Reloaded
  • Naked Honey
  • Naked Ultraviolet
  • Naked Wild West

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