Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Hey Brow babes!! So today I thought I would try my hand at the whole tutorial thing for this green and purple eye look for spooky season, it is a little long, and there is this fun part at the end when I cut myself off lol but its a fun way to kill some time ❤️.

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Shimmer

Hi Brow Babes!!! For today's Mythbuster Monday we are talking about age v. shimmer. How old is too old for shimmery goodness? There are a lot of myths out there regarding entering the different seasons of your life and discontinuing the use of certain products and I am here to tell you that is BS for the most part.

Voted Favorite Brows in Yuba Sutter!

SO this amazing thing happened, Jenny Brows (me) was voted favorite of Yuba-Sutter for brows and I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed with so many different feelings.

5 Minute Face on the Fly

Hey Brow Babes!!! Today we are gonna do a five minute face. Not every day called for full glam, and honestly who has time for that every single day. Sometimes we need to pull it together on the fly to just get on with our day. I am going to show you some user friendly techniques and products to get you through. there are also multiple points where you can stop and call it good, only adding the extras if time allows. Hope this helps!! I am going to list the products I used below

Makeup Mythbuster Monday Lips

Hey Brow Babes!!! It's Monday! So it's time for another mythbuster. Today we are focusing on LIPS!! There are a lot of myths and terrible tricks floating around and we are going to give you some new ones!

Jenny Brows Lipstick Big 3

It doesn't matter who you are, if you wear lipstick there are three important shades you should ALWAYS have. The quest for these can be mighty but when you find your perfect shade in these 3 ranges you will know. This is not to say you can't have 500 other lipsticks, DO YOU, but having the dependable 3 makes a difference.

BoxyLuxe BoxyCharm September Review

Hi Brow babes!!!! Its a new month so new boxy charms. This month is cool because it's the BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium. It was a pretty good month, only one kinda bummer out of all the products.

Jenny Brows Brow Tutorial

Hi Brow babes!!! You have been asking for a brow filling tutorial type situation so here it is!! Is it great? probably not lol but we have it our best shot, I will probably do another one when I figure out how to do that less weirdly. but I think it does the job.

Mythbuster Monday Face and Eye

Hi Brow Babes!! We are back for another Make up Mythbuster Monday!! Today we are focusing on primers, for both the face and the eyes! Are they necessary? Should you only use one? Are they one size fits all? LET'S FIND OUT!!!

BROWS! How to trim safely and more

Hi Brow Babes!! SO I promised you a video on safe areas to trim and tweeze between services as the Rona has everything wonky, here she is. I am always going to encourage you to wait to have a service if you can but I also understand life happens and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Just do it gently and safely. I hope everyone is being safe out there and keeping healthy. You are more loved than you know!!