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Random, and not so random musings from yours truly
Make-up Mythbuster Monday!!! Concealer v. Foundation

Hi Brow Babes!!! We are starting a new thing today! Make-up Mythbuster Mondays. Today we are starting out with concealer v. foundation

Bronzer, Blush and Highlight Placement! (Demo)

Hi Brow Babes!!! Today we are talking about Bronzer, blush and highlight. Where do they go etc. Everyones face is different, so I am showing you what works for me. We are also talking about some alternatives for other faces and some fav products lol.

August 2020 BoxyCharm review! Base and Premium

Hi Brow Babes!!! (how do we feel about that? do we like it?) Today we are talking about August 2020 BoxyCharm(s)!! both the base box and the premium box!

How to Clean Your Brushes

Go look at the area where you get ready or get out that overstuffed make up bag. Now, pull out those make-up magic wands. Are they clean? Cleanish? Do you remember the last time you cleaned them? Are you the type who waits for them to get caked and crusty and then tosses them for new ones (if so, we are gonna have a talk, that damages my spirit, also stop it)? Do you not wash them because you aren’t sure how? Or what to use? I have answers for that.


Hi Brow Babe! Strange times have called for new experiences so here we are! A lot of you guys have been asking me to make a YouTube channel, welp, here we are! I hope you enjoy! More to come!!!

Skin Care Pro Tips

I am often asked about skin, I have a lot of answers, however not all of them. I am a fully trained, qualified and licensed professional, who wants nothing more than to arm you with information you need. These are some initial tips I can give you to get you started, don’t worry there is more coming but this addresses some important points.

Self Care and the Rona

So… things kinda suck right now no? Yeah, I know. Everything feels weird and we are all a little stressed and probably a little depressed. There is no magic word, no wave of the wand that is going to make that disappear. I really and truly wish there was. What we can do is remember self care, ya know that stuff we are usually too busy for, but talk about doing without actually doing it.

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