Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is an epilation method performed by a licensed professional. It is done by placing one of many types of wax on the parts of the eyebrow with unwanted hair and applying a cloth or non woven strip on top of the sticky wax and pulling it off quickly, removing the hair in that area and creating a more desired shape.

A lip wax is performed much like a brow wax, is such that wax is spread across the upper lip area, from the center outward on each side, be it soft wax (thee sticky kind that is used for eyebrows that requires a strip to be applied over the wax for removal) or Hard wax (a different type of wax that self hardens and is able to be pulled off with no additional strip needed)

A chin wax is again a method of hair removal performed by placing wax (hard or soft) on the affected area and pulling off to remove pesky chin hairs.

A nose wax is performed by inserting a small amount of hard wax into the opening of the nostril on the end of a wax stick. Once it hardens it is pulled out quickly, removing the hair at the entrance of the nostrils, allowing you to breathe better.

The waxing of the ears is performed by applying hard wax to areas of the ears that have begun to grow unwanted hair including the tragus, and then pulling it off.

A professional wax service, removing unwanted hair from all areas of the face that are wax able. The service is performed using two different types of wax and with precision to deliver the best and longest lasting results possible.

A full face make up application is a professional service during which your full make up application is completed by me. This is done after a thorough consultation to make sure that we are able to best meet your needs. Non refundable (barring verified emergency) deposits are required for this service, once the appointment is complete the deposit is applied to your total

We didn’t forget about the gentleman at Jenny Brows. A variety of the services offered are applicable to men as well!

Cheek & Beard Line Waxing

The waxing of the cheeks is done by applying wax along the cheek bone and removing to remove unwanted hair.

A lash lift is a service performed by a licensed professional. A lash lift is chemical process that forces your eyelashes to remain curled, much like a perm for your hair. The process is highly controlled and no chemicals (albeit gentle) come into contact with your skin.

Lash Tinting is a chemical process in which your eyelashes are permanently (until you shed them) colored darker (to your desired color).