Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is an epilation method performed by a licensed professional. It is done by placing one of many types of wax on the parts of the eyebrow with unwanted hair and applying a cloth or non woven strip on top of the sticky wax and pulling it off quickly, removing the hair in that area and creating a more desired shape.

A Jenny Brows eyebrow wax service has a few steps. First we map those beautiful brows, using an eyebrow pencil we find the shape you are going for, that best suits your face, eye shape, lifestyle etc. whether that means we are entering browhab to grow those bad boys back in some areas or mapping the removal of excessive brows to the more desired shape. After we tackle that, we trim the hairs so we don’t have any wild ones, then we move on to the wax service itself, I am a precision waxer, so I apply an ultra sensitive zinc wax onto the skin in the areas we discussed and remove the unwanted hair. Any little fellas left behind are removed with tweezers. When all that fun is done, we clean and calm the skin, a little concealer on the area to dull any pinkness left and then we fill your brows in (to your preference) for a finished look and voila!

You now have Jenny Brows. You’re welcome :).


Before a Jenny Brows eyebrow wax
Before Jenny Brows


After a Jenny Brows eyebrow wax
After Jenny Brows