Cheek & Beard Line Waxing

The waxing of the cheeks is done by applying wax along the cheek bone and removing to remove unwanted hair.

Ok so this goes a could of different ways, The cheeks are the one surface on the face that I prefer hard wax for, and by prefer I mean exclusively use. The reason being, is that soft wax sticks not only to hair but to that super baby fine fuzz as well as the very top layer of skin ( which naturally exfoliates regularly), hard wax on the other hand is designed to only stick to hair. The reason that this is important is that the skin across the cheek bones is thinner and much more delicate, the risk for a lift (more skin than is normally expected coming off) goes up exponentially. Lifts vary in severity from barely noticeable to severe, i find that soft wax on the cheeks just has too big of a margin for something to go wrong no matter how much prep is done and care is taken.

Now if you find yourself asking who needs their cheek bones waxed? Some people have darker peach fuzz than others and can be self conscious about it, some people absolutely loathe hair on their face, some people have excessive, though light peach fuzz, regardless, if it is something that I can safely do to make my guest feel better, I’m gonna.


So we know beards are a thing. An awesome fuzzy thing, that at the very least I think we can all appreciate to some degree, what is less awesome is the random hair you have growing above the beard line, causing your beard to look less groomed, and you to have to shave, which you have successfully avoided by growing said beard, here’s where I come in. We apply some hard wax (cheeks are sensitive in some areas, even on rugged man faces, and hard wax sticks better to the coarse facial hairs) along the beard line (just above) and upward to the upper cheek area, we pull that bad boy off and BAM clean beard line! It lasts way longer than shaving it and helps those hairs that you don’t want anyway come in finer and thinner.


Before A Jenny Brows Cheek Wax
Before Jenny Brows


During a Jenny Brows Cheek Wax
During Jenny Brows


After a Jenny Brows Cheek Wax
After Jenny Brows