A chin wax is again a method of hair removal performed by placing wax (hard or soft) on the affected area and pulling off to remove pesky chin hairs.

Let’s face it, literally none of us ladies relish the idea of chin hair, the good news is, we can remove it. You may find yourself in the car with the tweezers and the mirror attacking it, please stop doing that, lol. Where wax removal is better is that it is removing the hair from the root, completely, and in one fell swoop, the upside to this is that not only is it faster but by completely removing the hair it comes back in finer and thinner and less noticeable. Any hairs that decide they don’t want to anticipate in the wax are removed by me with tweezers, now when you ask yourself, if she is just gonna remove stuff with tweezers why can’t I just do it myself? BECAUSE I SAID SO, just kidding but in reality it is about angles, often when we tweeze ourselves in those hard to see areas it causes us to not necessarily remove the hair but rather to break it off, meaning the next day you will once again be in your car messing with stuff.

Quit it, just let me get it for you. K, thanks