A full face make up application is a professional service during which your full make up application is completed by me. This is done after a thorough consultation to make sure that we are able to best meet your needs. Non refundable (barring verified emergency) deposits are required for this service, once the appointment is complete the deposit is applied to your total

A full face make up application has 3 parts: consultation, confirmation, application. When booking our appointment we will discuss what kind of look you are going for, what kind of event you are attending, what you will be wearing, how you plan to wear your hair, etc. I also like people to take a look online and see if there are any looks that pique their interest. All of this allows me to design the best make up look for your face, incorporating and adjusting elements that you like to suit you personally, and that will hold up through whatever you need it to. After we confirm the plan and get you booked we set until the day of application, on that day the magic happens!! I prefer in person consultations so that I have a clear picture of your skin, coloring etc. If for some reason that is not possible at that time, we can do consultations via video chat. For consults not in person I will require photos as well

Full Face Makeup Example 1
Full Face Makeup Example 23
Full Face Makeup Example 3