A lash lift is a service performed by a licensed professional. A lash lift is chemical process that forces your eyelashes to remain curled, much like a perm for your hair. The process is highly controlled and no chemicals (albeit gentle) come into contact with your skin.

A silicone “rod” is placed on your eyelid (sizes vary based on lash length as well as desired amount of curl. A “perm” solution is applied for a set amount of time and then removed, a neutralizer is applied for another bit of time, finally all products are removed and the lashes are conditioned, the whole process takes up to an hour. My absolute favorite thing to do is pair a lash lift with a lash tint. The results are amazing either way!

Important thing to note about a Lash Lift service: you cannot get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours. That being said I usually recommend guest come freshly showered so they are not tempted to do so when they get home, convinced that they can keep their face dry, while you might not get water directly on your face, the moist steam in the shower is just as bad. It’s a no go. Also makeup is not recommended in that 24 hour period either however if you MUST I advise waiting at least 8 hours prior to putting on any kind of mascara.


Before A Jenny Brows Lash Lift
Before Jenny Brows


After a Jenny Brows Lash Lift
After Jenny Brows