A lip wax is performed much like a brow wax, is such that wax is spread across the upper lip area, from the center outward on each side, be it soft wax (thee sticky kind that is used for eyebrows that requires a strip to be applied over the wax for removal) or Hard wax (a different type of wax that self hardens and is able to be pulled off with no additional strip needed)

Fun fact about a lip wax: They Suck

However they are a super effective way to remove unwanted lip hair, the other benefit is that it helps to slow the growth of hair as well as cause it to grow back in finer and thinner, without harsh stubble, so that’s nice. I try to make this as quick as possible. I still utilize soft wax as I am not a fan of hard wax for most areas of the face. We get it on, we get t off, on some occasions you have stubborn little guys that don’t wax off as they should, so sadly i have to give those a quick tweeze as well, however I usually do that after we have already cleaned and cooled the skin and then cool it again, because aloe is nice lol. When I am all done putting you through brief but awesome torture we it some concealer on the area.

No one needs to know